Dear National Correspondents, dear RCG chairs,

We are glad to invite you to an online National Correspondents’ meeting on Thursday 9 March 2023, with a special focus on the final results of the MARE/2020/08 grants. The official invitation will be sent in coming weeks via the AGM system, but the link to the meeting is already included here below. Please let us know by 17 February if you would like to bring any particular points on the agenda with short description, and whom should we add as participants from your side. For an easier tracking, please forward this invitation to potential participants.

Preliminary draft agenda points:
morning session
Outcomes and overview of MARE/2020/08 grants:

1. Secweb
3. Streamline
4. FishnCo

afternoon session
DCF updates:
5. DCF IT platform update
6. Legislative updates (Marine Action Plan, Control Regulation)
7. WP and DT issues follow up
8. Data sharing
9. Other updates
10. AOB

Please also note in your agendas the September DCF meetings – in person – for most of you on 27-28.09:
Ø 26.09 the end user Liaison Meeting for the RCG chairs and end users
Ø 27.09 morning RCG Liaison Meeting
Ø 27.09 afternoon RCG decision meeting with National Correspondents
Ø 28.09 National Correspondents meeting

On the DCF website we have published:
Ø The amended work plans WP 2023-2027 amended – 2023-2027 amended (20 MS) – European Commission (<>

Ø The new AR template and online guidelines AR tables template – European Commission (<>

Last but not least, the STECF 2023 meeting calendar has been approved and will soon be published. Please check the STECF website for the updates. 2023 – European Commission (<>

With kind regards,

Monika Sterczewska on behalf of