Med&BS RDBFIS WP5 Meeting – 2ndPlenary workshop
23th January 2023, 09:30-13:00 CET
(Online, Microsoft Teams platform)

The EU research Project Med&BS RDBFIS is aiming at developing an integrated fisheries information system to facilitate the work of the EU Member States by reducing the burden of multiple data submissions under different formats, to support the work of the RCGs and finally to enable reliable scientific advice. The RDBFIS should become the source of EU data to support data requirements under the DCF for the specified marine regions and will contain detailed survey and biological data of demersal and small pelagic species, as well as aggregated transversal data (i.e. landings and effort). The RDBFIS will service other areas, as bycatch, stomach contents, large pelagic, alien species and recreational fisheries.

This second workshop aims at showing and demonstrating the main functionalities of the application. Real data will be used.An exhaustive discussion and feedback from the participants is expected.

Agenda of the workshop

9:30. Welcome, Agenda adoption. Introduction to the meeting. Paolo Sartor (CIBM).
9:35. Summary on the progress of the activities of Med&BS RDBFIS. Stefanos Kavadas (HCMR, coordinator of the project).

Presentations:ca 20 minutes each followed by 5 minutes discussion

9:50 – RoME for RDBFIS: R Codes to Perform Multiple Checks on MEDITS Survey Data. Walter Zupa (COISPA).
10:15 -Demonstration of the functionalities of the Rome package integrated in the RDBFIS (with Greek data). Ioannis Chamodrakas (HCMR).
10:40 -RDBprocessing: a tool to improve consistency of aggregated data. Isabella Bitetto (COISPA).
11:05 -Coffee break.

11:20 – Automatic reporting tools on data call quality checks. Walter Zupa (COISPA).
11:50– Demonstration of automatic reporting tool integrated in the RDBFIS. Ioannis Chamodrakas (HCMR)
12:05 – Introduction to MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Analysis) R package – estimation of fishing pressure index for small Scale fisheries. Dimitris Politikos(HCMR)
12:30 – Discussion and Conclusions
13:00 – end of the workshop.