Dear National Correspondents and dear colleagues,
A second workshop on an alternative approach to the segmentation of fishing fleets as proposed by RCG ECON 2021 and planned by the first workshop group on the topic will be held virtually on March 28-30, 2022.

Erik Sulanke and Jörg Berkenhagen will chair the workshop, both Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany.
The idea of the novel segmentation approach is to achieve a closer connection between groups of vessels and target fisheries.
The workshop is intended to cover a broad range of Member States, fleets, and regions.
This second workshop will focus on regions with the aim of forming consistent segments agreed on by member states with fleets operating in the same marine regions.
We will briefly discuss problems within the current fleet segmentation and present an alternative segmentation approach (embedded in an R package) which was introduced during the first workshop. Emphasis will be given to the amendments made based on the results of the first workshop.

Participants are kindly invited to register by March 18, 2022, by e-mail: .
Further details, such as supporting documents, R codes, data requirements, meeting access, etc., will be provided at a later stage.
Thanks and cheers in brief
Erik and Jörg

RCG´s Secretariat