Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to confirm that the Working Group on vulnerable marine ecosystems and essential fish habitats (WGVME-EFH) will be held Online via ZOOM on 22 – 24 March 2022.
Interested experts are invited to register online by Thursday, 17 March through the link on the GFCM website:

The main objectives of the WGVME-EFH 2022 are to:

  • Follow-up on spatial management measures in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, including a sub-session dedicated to the Black Sea
  • Follow up on the development and use of the GFCM database in sensitive benthic habitats and species
  • Start working towards the identification of VMEs and EFHs occurring in the southern Adriatic Sea
  • Review the advancements on the identification of overlaps between fishing grounds and potential VMEs
  • Review the available information on the distribution of EFHs
  • Address the identification of OECMs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Experts are invited to submit proposed contributions through the registration form.
The annotated agenda will be circulated once registration is closed and based on the contribution proposals received.
At that time, the link to the ZOOM meeting will be provided too.
Feel free to distribute this message to other experts who might be interested.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

The GFCM Secretariat