Dear National Correspondents and dear colleagues,
We would like to announce RCG ECON meetings schedule for 2022.

  1. Workshop on Effects of the Alternative Segmentation 

Meeting dates:   Monday, 28th of March (morning), – Wednesday, 30th of March (lunch) – virtual
Chairs:   Erik Sulanke and Jörg Berkenhagen

The WS will focus on continuing work on an alternative fleet segmentation approach. Further MS are invited to apply the R package to their national data and prepare a set of vessel groups (clusters). The national clusters will be discussed on regional levels in order to develop a scheme that appears suitable to describe similar vessel groups on a regional basis.

The meeting will be organised in virtual format.

  1. Aquaculture Workshop 

Meeting dates:   Monday, 2nd of May – Tuesday, 3rd of May
Chair: Rasmus Nielsen

The WS will focus on issues relates to aquaculture data collection, submission and presentation.
The meeting will be organised in virtual format.

  1. RCG ECON 2022 

Meeting dates: Wednesday, 4th of May (9:30) – Friday, 6th of May (17:00)
Chairs: Irina Davidjuka and Heidi Pokki

RCG ECON meeting will focus on the FishNCo project results in connection to Regional Work Plan, valuation of tangible assets and social information available for the use in the frame of DCF.

The feedback from workshops (Effects of the Alternative Segmentation; Aquaculture) will be presented.   The issues related to WPs implementation and data transmission will be discussed.

The meeting will be organised in virtual format.
We will provide more details and an email of the contact person for the registration to each separate meeting no later than one month before the meeting start.

Kind regards,

RCG ECON 2022 Co-chairs
Irina & Heidi
RCG´s Secretariat