Steering Committee for the Mediterranean & Black Sea Regional DataBase (Med&BS RDB)

Virtual meeting 22 March 2021 from 10:00 – 16:30 CET


  • Current state- review of the progress towards setting up the RDB
  • Presentation of the MARE 2020/08 grant – Development of the regional database for the Mediterranean and Black Seas (Med&BS RDBFIS)
  • Setting up a framework for synergies between SC Med&BS RDB, Med&BS RDBFISand other MARE 2020/08 grants
  • Potential hosts of the Med&BS RDBFIS
  • GFCM presentation – Update of the main GFCM data calls including the new tasks on the DCRF online platform and the results of application of data quality indicators
  • Long term sustainability of the Med&BS RDBFIS (maintain, improvements (needs for development) after the end of the project, cost-sharing model, cost-sharing model)
  • Governance model for the Med&BS RDBFIS
  • Establish and agree on procedures for the future work of the SC, road-map
  • Topics and dates for next meeting in 2021
  • Summarize the recommendations of the meeting and adoption of the main conclusion